Government Support Programs

To assist welding professionals, apprentices, aspiring welding professionals and business owners regarding financial support from government, the CWA maintains a database of provincial, territorial and central governments’ funding initiates.  Please select a province from the map below to view the available programs for the chosen province/territory.


CWA Supports Ontario’s Commitment to Improving our Apprenticeship Programs PDF (02-07-2018)

L’ACS appuie l’Ontario dans sa volonté d’améliorer nos programmes d’apprentissage PDF (2018-02-07)

CWA Applauds Federal Government’s Budget 2018 (28‐FEB‐2018)

The Canadian Welding Association (CWA) is concerned about tariffs on steel and
aluminum imports proposed by US President Trump  (05‐MAR‐2018)

L’Association canadienne de soudage (ACS) est préoccupée par l’intention du
président Trump d’appliquer des droits de douane aux importations d’acier et d’aluminium


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