CWB Association Update

The Canadian Welding Association is changing its name to the CWB Association.

We have changed the way we look. United under one name, one brand, and one commitment.

CWB Association

The CWB Group recently announced that it would move forward as one unified brand for all of its business units. For 70 years, the CWB Group has been the voice of the welding industry and this rebrand will merge our units and help the welding industry easily identify our complete offerings while allowing clients to learn more about the same great services. The CWB Group is committed to providing a superior level of service that meets the needs of its clients under a brand that they have come to trust. The CWB Group strives to service the Canadian public and welding sector by providing globally recognized certification, knowledge and technical expertise. Our goal is to enhance public safety by being the global leader of welding knowledge and driving focus towards growth in resources and capabilities for the long-term sustainability of the welding sector. Having been in business for over 70 years, we felt that it was time to rebuild ourselves and that is exactly what our new branding strategy aims to do; it gives our trusted brand a new and modern upgrade. You will now benefit from a united team which will showcase more efficiency and experienced customer service to adapt to your specific welding needs.

Being mindful of the skilled trades’ shortage, the CWB Group aims to provide a future where all individuals are encouraged to reach their full potential through a career in welding regardless of identity factors, social and financial status, gender, age, ethnicity, language, literacy, culture, income and geographical location. Our aim is to build a robust Canadian welding industry with a bright and sustainable future. Our branding strategy will provide this future to all our stakeholders and increase the scope of our capabilities to deliver the same first-class service that the CWB Group prides itself on.

“We’re excited about our new unified brand identity for our various service offerings”, said Craig Martin, Vice-President of Public Safety. “It’s a visual reflection of CWB Group’s commitment to see the Canadian welding sector be sustainable and successful in the years ahead – both through the delivery of value-added services and as a strong voice to promote and advocate for our industry.” Through this unifying process, we aim to build a brand that is easily recognizable by industry. Whether you are an active member of the CWB Association, a certified company, or an ISO 9001 registered client, the CWB Group is your one-stop shop for all things welding.

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